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Feedback from our events...

"If I tried to do with what we have with the major players it would cost five times as much money and I’m probably underbidding..."



One of the things we love about doing roundtable panel discussions with our customers is the feedback we receive:

"In your own words, how would you describe what Cywest does compared to 'typical' telecomm?"
- “The way I describe it is, you can get more bang for your buck with a
properly setup system. I'm buying a commodity but they put an extra
value that is tailored to my business. I tell my IT staff that my lawyers,
(My customers) don't understand different IT problems. I don't have to
worry about the telecomm pillar. I don't have that level of comfort with
the big guys.”

- “They are a telecomm company but also a data center. When dealing
with the infrastructure, we do our document management with them.
It ran smoothly from start to finish and haven't had any problems
since. They have a great team.”

"What are a few words or adjectives you would use that best personify

- “Reliable, Very timely, worry-free.”

- “Reliable, committed, transparent.”

"What makes Cywest special or unique?"
- “Attention to detail and overly responsive. I wish my children would
respond to me as quickly as they do.”

- “Their attention to detail and follow-through, responsiveness. One of
the top companies I've ever worked with. They get back to us right
away within minutes.”

- “They are proactively giving me information about the health of the
networks. With others we had to indicate a problem.”

"What made you decide to work with Cywest?"
- “Negative past experience with other vendors, they came recommended.
You don't have to worry about Cywest.”

- “Reliability of the service and the quality of the customer service.”

- “The comfort level that we felt with them in our discussions with them.
We felt that the level of commitment would be much greater than going
with someone else.”

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