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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What differentiates Cywest from a typical MSP (Managed Service Provider)?

Cywest is uniquely positioned as an Integrated Service Provider. Successfully going to the cloud requires much more than securely storing your data with an (MSP).

We legitimately fast-track innovation for your company by custom designing and building an integrated network architecture effectively suited to your actual business needs.

We then add best-of-breed applications, services and systems to create a cohesive, optimal private cloud that allows your business to maximize the power of its data intelligence across all operational levels.

Why is Cywest not in favor of SD-WAN as a solution?

Our core mission is to provide communication and infrastructure services the way they were intended to play, even though ours looks like a new communications protocol.

SD-WAN solutions appear inexpensive because they use internet circuits, not the higher cost corporate communications circuits. But SD-WAN customers are unknowingly purchasing a low-quality offering more akin to a “blast from the past.”

All SD-WAN actually does is give a little more administrative control in the hands of end-users who lack the expertise or the knowledge to manually manage routing protocols and Quality of Service settings. SD-WAN has been marketed in a way that suggests it will offer more redundancy, higher performance, and reduced carrier costs. The truth is that SD-WAN is solely software.

What’s my first step in determining if Cywest is the right fit for my company?

Our suggestion is to start by thoroughly understanding the current status of your network before doing anything new.

Typical network monitoring tools can only accurately measure a “point in time” or require off-hour saturation tests to identify trouble spots. Our introductory Cywest AwareTM offering is an advanced, 360° network performance and monitoring service — one that finally provides factual, real-time analysis over a six-month subscription period to businesses of all sizes.

How can my business become a Cywest channel partner?

We’re delighted to hear you want to help spread our message and deliver solutions to businesses across the globe! The first step is to complete the partner registration form. Be sure to complete all requested fields. Please note that acceptance into the program is at the sole discretion of Cywest Communications, Inc.

What type of sales or marketing support will I receive in the Partner Program?

All registered partners will have access to our comprehensive, private Partner Portal for sales and marketing support which includes collateral material, training material, dedicated support, and more.

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