What drives our connections?




X to the Power of (C)ywest

Passion is the desire, drive, and dedication it takes to do something not just well, but great. It’s what led Steve Jobs to create the Macintosh computer, and Serena Williams to become the best at her game.

You’re passionate about your business, and we power that passion.

It’s why we choose to be a different kind of telecommunications provider. We’re in business because of our passion for providing you a stable and reliable network with customer service that knows you by name.

We are dedicated to providing service and innovation that keeps your business operating at full capacity. Our drive to fulfill your business needs is what makes the difference between network downtime and resting assured your data will be there in the morning. And that difference is what we call X to the Power of C.

Connections are what matter.

It’s not just about phones that work or data storage that protects. It’s about connecting your business network with companies that care about you and your company’s challenges. Cywest cares and wants you to have the technology that will help you succeed.

Our purpose: do our job well so that you can do yours without interruption or downtime.

Cywest keeps businesses operating at peak performance by offering advanced and unique telecom services. We don’t just keep up with industry advancements and changes—we stay ahead of them. It’s not about adding more to what you already have. It’s increasing your capacity through proactive support, notifications, and problem solving.

Service with an Earnest Purpose.

Not too long ago, a Cywest system sent out alerts about a DoS attack sourced from a traveling laptop connected to a customer network.

Technically, fixing the DoS wasn’t the responsibility of Cywest. The client’s service level agreement didn’t include that service.

But that didn’t stop us. We continued to work with the customer to resolve the situation. Why? We cared about their ability to do business. We could have walked away and told them to call someone else. Instead, we chose to stay and work them through the problem.

You shouldn't have to wait hours for low-quality, outsourced support. We're on your side with the experience and expertise needed to keep your complex operation running smoothly.

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