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Partner Program.


Our partner program was designed to fit your’s and your client’s needs, no costly and time-consuming certification process, the ability to go from level to level depending on the opportunity and aggressive commission rates to make you more profitable. We will provide all the onboarding and support you need to make you successful as soon as possible. We are 110% committed to our partner program.

Referral program
If your customers require a more reliable, resilient and secure network that will enable them to improve the customer experience, and more effectively manage risk, simply pass on the details of these opportunities to Cywest and we will do the rest!

We know that as consultants you must keep abreast of the latest and best technologies to guide your clients to the optimal solution. We will assist you in doing this and then work hand-in-hand to present the solution to your clients. At that point leave it to Cywest to sell, install and support with the confidence it will be done with 100% customer satisfaction.

Certified Reseller
Identify opportunities and present and sell our solution ‘independent” of Cywest. Once done, we will install, and provide ongoing support to your clients. Finder’s Fee

If you know of a partner or Consultant that might be interested in working with Cywest, let us know, and should they join our team you will get a finder’s fee after they close their first opportunity.

Partner With Us
Interested? We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Let’s schedule a call to see if our partner program is a good fit for you and Cywest.


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